W Pictuires Academy Live at Cameroon International Film Festival 2022 (CAMIFF)

We are happy to have been part of the Cameroon International Film Festival 2022 which took place at Mountain Hotel Buea, We are grateful to the organizers for giving us the opportunity to showcase our academy throughout the event, create awareness and network with like minds. The event was overall a success, we are grateful to our team who represented us at the event to make sure the information got out, while at it they had moments some which we will share with you via our gallery below.


Cameroon International Film Festival 2022 (CAMIFF)

The Cameroon International Film Festival – CAMIFF is establish with the aim to help create a vibrant film culture throughout the region. Every May the event will be committed to curating exceptional programs to engage and educate the local community, inspire filmmakers and nurture the growth of the Cameroon and African film industry.



Our mission is to establish a modern Film Academy in Buea Cameroon such that it will empower and inspire passionate young Cameroonians, especially the next generations to sell Cameroon’s unique and rich culture via stories with a global perspective and excellence to the international community.

Our students will be presented with great exploits up till graduation from our various programs! We aim to discover numerous talents who will be trained to go forth and become big names in the industry.


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