Video Content Marketing and SEO in 2021

In 2020, video marketing as a part of SEO (search engine optimization) is more important than ever. According to a Cisco study, it has been said that by 2021, 82% of consumer online traffic will be video (Yes, you read that correctly, 82%!).

If you’re not using video as a part of your content marketing strategy, you are actually missing out on a big part of SEO and marketing for your company.

In this post, we’ll talk about all the ins and outs of video marketing in 2020. Here we go!

What is Video Content Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies in today’s marketplace. Not only can it increase customer awareness, but it can also create action that leads to sales.

Video marketing is all about positioning your brand as the expert in your field and giving meaningful information to content seekers (those people searching Google!). Businesses can integrate video in every channel of marketing from blog posts and social media to podcasts, to YouTube, and their website.

Marketing with Video Content

In the past two years, we’ve seen video become critical for companies. Brands effectively utilizing video marketing are generating more leads, enjoying better brand awareness, and earning more revenue than those who are using other forms of marketing. Oh, and don’t forget about the SEO benefits!

If you’re wondering how video marketing can improve your SEO, here are five things to think about:

1. Google Loves Video

There are many factors Google takes into account when ranking your website. A combination of text specific to certain keywords, images, and video helps show Google that your content is important, varied, valuable, and relevant to those searching.

For content strategists, long-tail keyword research is the name of the game – and creating video content around those keywords is right in Google’s “sweet spot” (Don’t forget to do that all-important keyword research and utilize those keywords in your video’s meta tags when you post it!).

Another Tidbit: Video Transcripts
Adding a transcript of your video not only helps viewers (who are viewing at work or have their volume turned off), but it can also help Google “read” or understand the video. When planning scripts for videos, include your primary keywords as well as plenty of relevant synonyms.

2. Video Drives More Traffic to Your Site

Uploading your videos to sites like YouTube or Vimeo offers an opportunity to drive backlink traffic to your site. How? By adding URLs in your channel name and video descriptions, of course. This is a fantastic way to earn new audiences, improve your traffic acquisition, and give your rankings a healthy boost!

And remember, YouTube content reaches more adults during prime-time TV hours than ANY other television network. That’s right, let that sink in! YouTube is the cheapest form of advertising to the greatest audience out there!

Another Tidbit: Offer more
To really take advantage of your YouTube traffic, give people a good reason to click through the URLs listed in your video descriptions. Like what? Maybe a coupon code or special offer. Or some sort of downloadable info that would be helpful for them.

3. Video Grabs Referral Links

Think of it this way – if you have compelling video content on your website, it can help your business with outreach and link-building. How? Shareable, interesting videos are more likely to be linked to by other site owners and bloggers, which will ultimately lead to more traffic on your site.

And remember this: the more your video link is shared on the internet, the more views it gets. And Google (who owns YouTube, by the way) LOVES video views. This is seen as more “valuable” to Google and will help you rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Plus, the more your video is shared on other sites, the more views it is likely to get. Thus, the more valuable it will appear to Google, which will only boost its potential to rank high in the SERPs.

Another Tidbit: Be Sure to Brand Your Videos
If link-building is something you really want to dominate, be sure to put your branding on all of your videos. Have your logo, website, social sites, and other info on the title screen and/or end screen on each and every video. Oh, and don’t forget to watermark the entire video in the lower right-hand corner!

4. Video Dominates Social

Video is king on social media. According to Hubspot, video on Facebook gets 20% more clicks than images and 135% more engagement. Also, by sharing your video on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you will increase the number of people watching your video and learning about your brand. Remember, higher shares = higher positions in the SERPs!

Another Tidbit: Different Platforms, Different Formats
When posting video on social, be mindful that different platforms “like” different videos. For example, square videos get 30% more views on Instagram than landscape videos, and subtitled videos get up to 85% more views because most people watch them without sound.

5. Need Better Conversion Rates? Video to the Rescue!

Did you know that, according to Google, 50% of people look for product videos before they visit a store? That’s a pretty staggering number! Also, shoppers are twice as likely to make a purchase after viewing video than those who don’t. So, all signs point to video being one of the biggest things you can do for conversion rates and even driving customers to brick and mortar locations.

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