W Pictures Studios Douala Cameroon Delivers on Promise of Launching Movie Academy in Buea 2022

Long Awaited Launch of W Pictures Academy Buea is now imminent as all has been put in place to guarantee the successful execution of the project under the umbrella of Spectron Group Ltd.
Admissions are scheduled to start next month April 1st at the W Cinema in the Buea Shopping Mall at Mile 16 Buea, Students will be able to get all necessary information and school related content online via our website or at the admissions desk.
W Pictures Academy – https://bit.ly/3pQLSMi

W Pictures Academy frontiers quality and affordable film education for students in Cameroon with a desire to pursue a career in acting or/and filmmaking. Our Mission is to build a vocational bridge for students between academia and industry guaranteeing professional success while training and empowering a generation of exceptional talent that will move Cameroon forward through cinema, storytelling, and media innovation.

Invest in W Pictures Academy
W Pictures Academy Buea Cameroon offers intuitive investment opportunities to the general public. Gain the joy and satisfaction that comes with being part of something big and meaningful, W Pictures Academy under the umbrella of Spectron Group Ltd offers both short and long-term investment packages which can earn you from 25% to 30% annual dividend on your investment. This Investment plan also comes with some advantages such as benefiting from our annual 25% profits sharing program download our investment plans PDF to learn more.


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